Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 - Featuring Megan Kennedy - Stirling County Rugby Football Club

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2022 – Featuring Megan Kennedy

Today marks International Women’s Day - a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

At Stirling County, we recognise how important it is to ensure we, as a club, are inclusive for everyone. Over the years we have seen more and more girls and women join the club to learn and grow their rugby skills whilst making new, life-long friends in the process.

It is fantastic to be able to see that hard work and dedication has led to Stirling County having a strong women’s section. We are proud to have not just one but two women’s teams regularly playing rugby.

Megan Kennedy has been playing within the women’s section at Stirling County since she was 14 and most recently represented Scotland in the 2021 Women’s Six Nations Championship.

Megan commented,

“I grew up by the side of a rugby pitch with my mum, watching my dad and brother play, but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I considered putting on a pair of boots. I joined Stirling County Football Rugby Club and immediately felt like I belonged.” 

"I was lucky enough to spend 10 years surrounded by strong and inspiring women every single day."

“Women who aren’t afraid to break down barriers and carry on doing what they love despite society telling us we shouldn’t. It’s empowering! 

Despite not being able to play anymore, rugby gave me my happiest times and made me who I am. It taught me that it’s okay to be exactly who I want to be, and it allowed me to hopefully show other women and girls that they can be whoever they want to be too!”

We are continually welcoming new members to County – feel free to explore the women’s section of our website and get in touch with any of our women’s team or coaches to find out more.

Happy International Women’s day!