Match Report: Saturday 18th September Stirling County V Boroughmuir Bears - Stirling County RFC

Match Report: Saturday 18th September Stirling County V Boroughmuir Bears


Match report from this weekend’s FOSROC seventh Super6 match. Stirling County went up against Boroughmuir Bears on Saturday afternoon at Bridgehauge.

Stirling County kicked off the game and the first points came just under the tenth minute. Reyner Kennedy secures the ball down for the hosts and scores the opening try of the game. [5-0]

Minutes later though, Boroughmuir Bears kicked back and scored their opening try of the afternoon. Tom Pittman with the cross-field kick which is then collected in the air by Jordan Edmunds who goes over in the corner. Pittman also successfully converted. [5-7]

In the 22nd minute County are given a penalty as the Bears are penalised for offside and Craig Robertson, slots the ball in between the posts and puts the hosts ahead. [8-7]

However in the 24th minute, Bear respond with a successful penalty kick of their own through Pittman. [8-10]

Another try was scored for County as a combination of good hands and fast pace allowed Tom Roche to score their second try of the afternoon. Craig Roberson converts with ease. [15-10]

HALF-TIME: Stirling County 15-10 Boroughmuir Bears

Just a few minutes into the second half and Rory Jackson steps on the pitch to take over from County’s newest super6 recruit Josh King. Andrew Goudie is replaced by Ross McKnight in the 51st minute and Reyner Kennedy is swapped with Angus Fraser.

In the 53rd minute another try was scored for County as Steven Hamilton finds the ball from Archie Russell and County’s third try of the day is scored. [20-10]

A penalty is awarded to the Bears in the 60th minute as Lewis Skinner receives a yellow card and they put their first points of the second half on the board through Pittman. [20-13]

In the 61st minute George Arnott was replaced by George Breese.

A try from Boroughmuir Bears came in the 67th minute as winger Jordan Edmunds managed to score from the scrum. Pittmans conversion was successful and brought the score level. [20-20]

With under ten minutes to go until full-time Cole Lamberton is replaced with Calllum Cruikshank.

Another penalty is given to the Bears and Pittmans penalty from out-wide bounces off the posts and then goes over. [20-23]

In the final minute, a phenomenal try was scored by Stirling County in the last play of the game. Angus Fraser goes over to steal the win for the hosts. Grant Hughes adds the conversion. [27-23]

FULL-TIME: Stirling County 27-23 Boroughmuir Bears

Head Coach

Ben Cairns commented on the win:

“We are happy with the result, but we cannot be happy with the performance. I have just given the guys a bollocking. We didn’t build any pressure and we wouldn’t have won it without that maul dominance.”

Match report by Eve Allison


Stirling County: TRY Reyner Kennedy, Tom Roche, Steven Hamilton, Angus Fraser, CON Craig Robertson, Grant Hughes PEN Craig Robertson

Boroughmuir Bears: TRY Jordan Edmunds (2) CON Tom Pittman (2) PEN Tom Pittman (3)


Match Officials

Ref: Ian Kenny

AR1: Dunx McClement

AR2: Alistair Watt

No4: Brian McGuff

Time: Ben Evans


FOSROC Player of the Match

Jordan Edmunds (Boroughmuir Bears)



Yellow: Lewis Skinner (County)

Stirling County: 15. Craig Robertson, 14. Steven Hamilton, 13. Archie Russell, 12. Grant Hughes, 11. Tom Roche, 10. Andrew Goudie, 9. Caleb Korteweg, 8. Dean Taylor-Menzies, 7. Connor Gordon, 6. George Arnott, 5. Josh King, 4. James Pow, 3. Lewis Skinner, 2. Reyner Kennedy ©, 1. Cole Lamberton

Replacements: 16. Angus Fraser, 17. Billy Dineen, 18. George Breese, 19. Rory Jackson*, 20. Callum Cruikshank, 21. Euan Cunningham*, 22. Landon Hayes, 23. Ross McKnight 

Boroughmuir Bears: 15. Glen Faulds, 14. Callum Ramm, 13. Ronan Kerr, 12. Robbie McCallum*, 11. Jordan Edmunds, 10. Tom Pittman, 9. Kaleem Barreto, 8. Trystan Andrews, 7. Rhys Tait*, 6. Rory Drummond, 5. Will Inglis, 4. Euan Ferrie, 3. Dan Winning (Co-Captain), 2. Finlay Scott, 1. Ross Dunbar

Replacements: 16. Craig McKenzie, 17. AP McWilliam, 18. Martin McGinley, 19. Jack Fisher, 20. Craig Keddie ©, 21. Duncan Munn, 22. Kyle McGhie, 23. Scott McGinley 

 *FOSROC Scottish Rugby Contracted Academy Player