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TACKLE Rugby Springtime 2022 – Developing the person to develop the player

Introducing, Springtime Tackle Rugby

Stirling County RFC’s TACKLE Rugby camps are long established and have evolved over the past 6 years to offer a rugby experience open to girls and boys from U9s to U16s that covers all areas of rugby, from on field skills and abilities to off-field preparation examining areas such as nutrition, mental skills,
and strength & conditioning with an emphasis on safe and most of all everyone involved enjoying their TACKLE Rugby experience.

For this Spring, after all the ups and downs of the past 18 months, we wanted to expand our normal offerings and include a Springtime camp, with rugby opportunities for girls and boys from P4 to U16.

We aim to produce age specific, player centred safe & enjoyable programmes where young people will leave the camps feeling that they have both learned and achieved.

TACKLE Rugby Outline Springtime 2022: Developing the person to develop the player*

U9-U12 (P4-P7): Skills and fun games focus with learning activities around self-awareness as a person and rugby player, linked to basic goal setting, along with an introduction to basic nutrition.

U12-U14: As with U9-U12 with an introduction to strength & conditioning training both on and off-field. An introduction to imagery training in a rugby context. Work on position specific rugby skills that are appropriate across all players

U15-U16: As with U12-U14 with an increased focus on strength & conditioning with players culminating with an individualised development plan. Greater focus on mental skills training, particularly in dealing with pressures and stresses around rugby. More in-depth and individual approach to nutrition. Looking at more position specific skills as players are beginning to specialise to a greater degree. Developing players tactical understanding through on pitch and video analysis work.

* Programme may be subject to change

The camp will run each day April 4th – 8th for U13 – U16 (Boys & Girls separately) and April 11th – 15th for P4 – P7.

Regular camp activities will run from 10am to 3pm with drop off and pick up from 9:45am and 3:15pm respectively. Lunch and snacks to be brought by players. Early drop off (8:45am and late pick up 5pm) can be prebooked. Whilst the content of each day complements each other, participants will not lose out through not attending all days.

For P4 – P7: https://forms.gle/5TW5KcGzNLPhJcEv5

For U13 – U16: https://forms.gle/9QAQbtzQFYvYfhFH6

The camp is £25 per day or £110 for all 5 days, payable at the time of booking. For families, one child is at full cost, there is 10% off for each child after that. If cost is a barrier, please do not hesitate to get in touch (tacklerugby@outlook.com) and we can take individual circumstances into account.

Players do not need to be Stirling County RFC members to attend, indeed we welcome players from all schools and clubs to join us for some rugby fun!!

A full brief on what to bring, daily registration, etc. will be issued the week prior to the camp to allow preparation time for all involved. All queries and questions can be addressed to: tacklerugby@outlook.com