County Rugby Memories Meeting - Stirling County RFC

County Rugby Memories Meeting

The Monthly Stirling County Memories group was unusual as we found ourselves on a ZOOM link to the
Jim Clark World Champion racing driver museum in Duns thanks to the efforts of John Ritchie our
Stirling University research contact. The curator through a video link showed us round the exhibits
outlining the life and exploits of the remarkable driver. From being a farmer with little link to the racing
world he became an icon of the fast car in the sixties. Jim was a humble man with simple interests who
became simply a superstar.

His exploits were amazing and he is still the only driver to win a Formula 1 World Championship, the
Indianapolis 500 and the Le Mans 24 hour race in one season. He would often be in three races in an
afternoon, a saloor car an F1 and a sports car, often winning all three of them. His trophies fill the large
museum gallery but are only a small sample of those he won in his career as he was famous for giving
away his trophies to friends, family and mechanics. Jim was killed in a formula 2 car race accident in
1968 reflecting the very dangerous sport of his day which has become a much more safe one today. The
museum is constantly updating the contents so a visit fror motor enthusiasts or those just interested in a
life of achievement would be well worthwhile.

Part of the reason for this ZOOM experience is that we have arrnged a similar ploy with Murrayfield and
the SRU to see coverage of a Scotland Grand Slam at our November meeting.

We then had an introduction from Stirling Wolves new General Manager – Jack. Arriving from Glasgow
Warriors and with experience in Australia and other sports developments he hopes to move Stirling
County and the Wolves onto an even more professional level. We asked Jack to return next month and
tell us more about his developing role and the facts and figures behind the Wolves.

Finally after more cake and coffee we used the vast rugby experience of those in the room to correctly
predict the World Cup winners – announcement at the next meeting on Monday 9th October at the new
meeting time of 1.30 (prompt, not 1.45 or 1.50 !!). Come along and tell us about a specific memory you
have about rugby.