Craig Robertson - Our third and final Wolves player joining the Super6 team this season  - Stirling County RFC

Craig Robertson – Our third and final Wolves player joining the Super6 team this season 

Craig Robertson is the third Wolves player to join our Super6 squad for this coming season. 

Craig is a County man through and through and had many successful seasons at Stirling prior to the FOSROC Super6 kicking off.

Although he was unable to commit to the extra training required to be part of the Super6 squad in season one, Robertson has committed to joining the club’s Super6 squad for the second season. 

He began training with Stirling at the start of May and has really thrived in the high-performance environment. He’s improved almost on a weekly basis and has really earnt his spot in the squad.

Craig had this to say regarding his thoughts ahead of the new season:

“After not being able to commit the first time around, it’s been nice to be able to be here for the coming season- especially with it being a shortened summer season, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to that.

“It’s been a tough but fun couple of months getting back up to speed with the high standard that has been set at training so far. Being back playing and training with the guys I’ve known for years has been great, as well as getting to know the new boys.”

Stirling County Head Coach Ben Cairns said:Stirling County is one of the only clubs to provide a complete club pathway for both girls and boys from minis all the way through to the top tier of rugby offered in Scottish rugby clubs.

“It’s great to announce another signing of this pathway. Craig Robertson is a man we were keen to have involved from the start, so it’s great to finally have him involved in the FOSROC Super6.

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