Fund Raising Plea - Stirling County RFC

We have set an ambitious fundraising target of £50,000 and your Club needs your help!

We have two key fundraising aims:

  1. To save the Club from financial disaster
  2. To continue to support all of our playing members so that they can get back to training, to maintain their mental and physical well being and fitness and to support the wider community with all of our community activities.


Since closing our doors in March, it has been tough financially. Our Club, like so many other businesses, has not been able to generate revenues through our events, hires, bar or our hospitality offerings, we have not been able to generate any income and we still have bills to pay. If we want to get through these tough times, we need to generate income and fundraise as we have never fundraised before!

The challenge is that we need to open our doors fully. In order, to open our doors we will need to spend money to make the Club safe, to freshen it up, to make it look proud again and to make it a place where people want to spend their time. Because the Club has been in hibernation, it is looking tired and sad and we want to do everything we can to brighten it up again.

Our preparations for reopening will cost money. As soon as we open our doors, we will lose our agreed payment holidays with our suppliers. To stay afloat financially, we desperately need to raise money. We, therefore, need to ask all members who are willing and able to help us out.

If we are successful at fundraising, and we have a fundraising group working on lots of other fundraising initiatives, this will ensure that the Club has a better financial footing and this will provide the time for the economy to recover. So, when people have more money to spend and are feeling more confident again, they will start to rebook our hospitality packages and bring income into the Club.

We needs funds to ensure that we have the right people in place to support and coordinate our 130 plus volunteers who are tireless in their pursuit of coaching and training and who make such a difference to so many young lives.

We need funds to ensure that we have the right training kit, PPE, medical and cleaning supplies in place to ensure that when we are training and playing we are doing this safely and maintaining everyone’s health, safety and well being.

The Club has a phenomenal history of fundraising and we hope that you will continue this fundraising activity to save the club. Getting involved, even in a small way, will make a huge difference, it will save your Club and make us stronger and better connected than ever.

Remember every single penny that we fundraise will go directly back into your Club for the benefit of our players, regardless of their age, keeping them fit and healthy, developing careers and supporting our community.

Please give what you can. Thank You.