Memories Meeting Minutes - Monday 6th March - Stirling County RFC

Memories Meeting Minutes – Monday 6th March

We discussed the possibility of supporting an archive for Stirling County. Archivists from Stirling University, Local Government and libraries have offered their expertise allowing us to access elements of local newspaper and other historical information. Our President John Gibson has been informed and we hope to be able to take this forward in the coming months and years. The idea is that the history of the club would be saved and stored safely for future generations while also providing easier access to everyone interested.

At our meeting today John Ritchie from Stirling University showed us some videos which created some
discussion and lots of pleasant memories. The first video showed how scrummaging had changed over
the decades with the bone crunching seventies being replaced with the current pedantic slow by
numbers version. Certainly safer but needing to be speeded up for improvements to the playing and
spectator points of view.

The second video was about Bill McLaren, his life story, love of rugby, Hawick and Scotland. It reminded
us of the good qualities of rugby and general sportsmanship/sportspersonship which keeps us involved
in the game.

The photo this month is of the team which won the Division 7 championship which sent the club on the
great leap forward.

We hope to have a speaker from the female section of the club on Monday April 3rd at 12:30 pm so look
out for more details about this here on the website.

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