November Memories Meeting Round up! - Stirling County RFC

November Memories Meeting Round up!

The Monthly Stirling County Memories group was again unusual as this time we had a live link to Murrayfield!

We were shown around the trophy room, the changing rooms and then out onto the pitch through the tunnel. John from the Uni was there sharing his enthusiasm while the Murrayfield staff gave us close-up views of the original Calcutta Cup which only resides in Murrayfield or Twickenham depending on who wins the latest match between Scotland and England. We then viewed footage of the Grand Slam match with David Soul leading out the underdog Scotland team to meet the high-flying English team for all the spoils, Calcutta Cup, Triple Crown, Six Nations Championship, and Grand Slam – who won?

It was interesting to see the names of all internationalists listed from the very first match to the present time. The Calcutta Cup has several engravings which record the history of this rugby match. It is indeed a great honour to see our own Kevin McKenzie, Ian Jardine and Kenny Logan among other halcyon Stirling County names. There are also women’s names listed and we can expect to see more of our women there in years to come.

We plan to visit in person at a future Memories meeting and will no doubt have more photos to prove it.