One of Stirling County's Oldest Members, Willie Lambie, Shares Some of His Memories! - Stirling County Rugby Football Club

One of Stirling County’s Oldest Members, Willie Lambie, Shares Some of His Memories!

We sat down with one of our oldest club members, Willie Lambie!

Willie Lambie is one of our oldest members at Stirling County, he captained the club first XV in 1956! He still attends most home matches as a keen supporter.

Derek Young met him this week for a brief Memories interview (see a snip of the interview below!).

Willie has very clear memories of his playing days. He joined the club in 1948, having played at the High School of Stirling, like many others, he came down and played for the third XV after playing for the school in the morning. He never looked back. His job with the Coal Board took him around the country and he often joined any local rugby club. 

He recalled the difficult task of being captain – to collect the match fee of half a crown – changed days in some ways. He spoke fondly of many of the characters of the forties and fifties. He remembered someone forgetting their kit and having to play in a pair of loose boxer shorts – in the front row, not a pretty sight. He recalled playing against David Rollo, but with Willie being a winger he kept well clear of him on the pitch.

Easton Roy featured in many of his stories, not least that his brother introduced Willie to his wife by offering her car to take him back home to Falkirk from the regular dance in the Golden Lion. There were many characters, some sailing close to the wind with their antics….identities not given for obvious reasons!! 

One of the changes he remembers is that he, as the winger, used to throw the ball into the lineout, then the hooker took this over! He spoke of the time Easton took all XV players in his Landrover to a match in Glasgow, as they stopped for the usual pub stop at the Railway Bar in Dennyloanhead, the regular barman asked as the bar filled up if that was the rugby bus in – Yes, just another Saturday with the County!