Jodie Murdoch on the Women's Premiership Final: Saturday 16th December - Stirling County RFC

Jodie Murdoch on the Women’s Premiership Final: Saturday 16th December

Ahead of the The Women’s Premiership Final this Saturday 16th December, we spoke to Team Captain, Jodie Murdoch, to gather her thoughts on the lead up to the final!

How did you get into rugby at County?

I joined County about 10 years ago after moving to Stirling for Uni. At the time County and the Uni had a really strong partnership where we would have joint training sessions. After a wee while I decided to make the jump from the lower leagues up to the prem and have felt at home since.

Describe your team journey to the finals?

In terms of this season, it’s been a tricky one. We have had some really close games and a fairly unsettled team at the start of the season, it’s been a full squad effort to get us here. We are so proud to be in the prem final for the second year on the trot. However, for a lot of us this journey started years ago and it doesn’t feel too long ago we were getting beat 100-0, so it feels very special to be able to play with such a talented squad over the last few years.

What are your hopes for the weekend?

We obviously want to win, I don’t think either team would be here if they didn’t. We know it’s going to be hard and Watsons are unbeaten for a reason but we are looking forward to it.

We wish them luck ahead of their game!

When: Saturday 16th December 2023

Where: Myreside Stadium